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The war on boys

Posted: April 18, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern


It's official now.

No matter how you measure it, boys are failing in schools across America.

That was the shocking report from the Voice of America last week.

"In classrooms across the U.S., there is a new trend that worries educators," it said. "In every category and demographic group, boys are falling behind in school."

Was it shocking to you? It wasn't so shocking to me.

I've seen this trend up-close and personal even though I am the father of five girls, none of whom will ever again set foot in a government-controlled classroom.

I even wrote about this trend in my latest book, "Taking America Back."

About 20 years ago, what we call "public education" in this country was taken over by activists who, among other things, declared war on the male sex.

That's when you began seeing so many boys "medicated" because they were "hyperactive." That's when you began seeing boys, who previously excelled over girls in school, falling below the fairer sex in achievement.

Now there are many, many things wrong with the schools in America. In my opinion, they are beyond redemption. The only thing a conscientious parent can do now is to make other arrangements for the education of their children. Any compromise with the evil of government schools will only shortchange your kids. That's my opinion.

But what's happening to the kids in government schools is still going to haunt all of us even those who choose wisely to pull their kids out and school them at home or privately.

We are breeding monsters in the government schools. We are breeding time bombs. We are breeding social problems that will plague the country for 100 years if we last that long.

And right at the top of those problems is what we are doing to boys.

A generation ago, the social activists decided there was really no difference between boys and girls. All of the observable distinctions were the result, they said, of social conditioning. If we just treated the sexes the same, the differences between them would disappear over time.

It was sheer ignorance, hubris and malevolence trying to change human nature through social conditioning.

Any parent knows just how different boys and girls are. You don't need a Ph.D. to see it. You just need common sense. You just need the innate wisdom God gave each of us when He created us man and woman.

Boys are being drugged in the classroom today for no other crime and no other illness than being boys.

Boys are more active than girls. They do not take well to sitting for hours at a desk and listening to instruction from a usually female teacher. They need to get up and run around. Failure to acknowledge this simple fact has resulted in the over-medication of millions of boys over the last 30 years.

It's a crime. Just one of many perpetrated by the education wardens of America.

I don't expect the education establishment suddenly to "get it." But I do expect American parents to comprehend the abominations to which they are subjecting their children when they turn them over to state control.

Nothing can redeem this monster not all the PTA meetings in the world. Don't think you can change it or reform it through parental involvement. The only way to fix it is to withdraw from it, refuse to participate in it, boycott it.

It's time to save your kids from the humiliation and degradation.

If enough of us do that, then maybe the hopelessly corrupt government schools will simply implode of their own dead weight.

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