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Error 1: Only for satellite internet users.  
Not able to get the internet stream to load and play on 
your computer.
We have found this situation 
applies to DirecWay/Hughes Net users.  If another company is 
your satellite provider, you might want to try this and see if it 

1.Open Microsoft Internet Explorer
2. Click on "Tools"
3. Click on the "Connections" tab
4. If you have a dial-up connection, it will appear in the window, 
ignore it and check "Never dial a connection", everything else, is
5. Click the button that says "LAN settings"
6. Check "Automatically detect settings", everything else must be
7. Hit OK

You may need to restart you computer.

If this still does not work, call your satellite provide for support.

Error 2: If you are having problems with certain buttons or pictures not displaying, or if you having problems with the new Microsoft Vista (your see through widows don't work right), FireFox, and the new Windows Explorer 7 (ok, so it was beta tested, x-ray tested and bean tested -- it will still screw up your computer);  these programs are not going to act like your older programs and they do have problems due to the artistry graphics (thanks to Microsoft).  Also FireFox blocks certain graphics and they will not appear.  Also FireFox may not work in order to FTP.  While we try to accommodate everyone to see and navigate our web pages, we cannot be responsible for Microsoft glitches.  

We understand that you like the cute graphics on Windows XP (we do too!) and Vista, and we understand that that we have been conditioned to always upgrade our computers, but quite frankly Explorer 7 has too many problems and Microsoft has gotten like every other big business.  We suggest that you restore your computer to your previous Explorer.  And if you are having problems with Windows XP, try changing your settings to classic (we know that this is no fun to disable the cute XP graphics with great big red X's -- sorry!).

I'd suggest complaining to Microsoft that Windows XP, Explorer 7 and Vista conflicts with previous software that everybody still uses and needs, but there are no fixes to this on the horizon. Therefore, my advice to you is to remove Explorer 7, just say no to Vista and forget the cute red Xs of XP and change your settings to classic. 

If you are really fed up then get an Apple or better yet, if you really want to be a rebel go to Linux.

Words of Wisdom:  the newest and shiniest isn't always the best... 

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