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William Jud                                                              

28 April 2006


To borrow a term from computing, it is time to reinstall the U.S. Congress. 

Over time, a computer operating system such as Windows becomes corrupted by installing and uninstalling other computer programs, adding and removing hardware, attacks by viruses and other malware, and assorted other hazards associated with using a computer.  Eventually the system becomes corrupted so badly that the computer must be purged of its contents, and the operating system and other programs must be replaced with a fresh, uncorrupted copy. 

Failure to periodically purge-and-replace leads to a broken, nonfunctional system.

The computer analogy ought to remind you of our U.S. Congress, which has become so badly corrupted that the Constitutional requirement to serve the people of these United States has been replaced by allegiance to destructive special interests and foreign laws.  The producers, the property owners, the mainstream citizens are now just cash cows in Congressional eyes, a resource to be exploited through taxation and voting to keep Congressional elected representatives in power and provide money to fund a multitude of expensive and often socially and politically destructive special-interest projects. 

Many of those programs and projects, and the bureaucracy that oversees the programs and projects, are based upon legislation that is immoral, unconstitutional, destructive of American culture, and in some cases downright unsanitary in application.

 A few examples are in order.  Let’s begin with the Civil Rights movement.

Civil Rights legislation was created to correct certain racial injustices remaining from America’s early history.  Congress passed civil rights laws in a rush of emotional frenzy, without the slow deliberation that such a large change in our national culture required. As a result, the seeds of Political Correctness were sown. In their emotional frenzy, Congress went far beyond what was required to correct racial injustice and elected to punish White People for the misdeeds of their ancestors.  New laws enabled predatory lawyers who tore holes in society’s fabric by finding every possible way to sue someone, and to collect enormous personal fees, over trivialities based on race.  Unwise action by a frenzied Congress damaged American culture in many ways, including declining respect for our legal system.  But at least Civil Rights was all-American, even if it promoted a minority of the population at the expense of the majority.

Then there was the Environmental Movement. Again, in a frenzy of emotion and fuzzy thinking, Congress crafted laws, and President Nixon signed the laws, that used ‘the environment’ as an excuse for authorizing federal and state governments to trample property rights of citizens in the name of ‘saving’ plants and animals.  Environmental laws were enacted in collusion with, and in response to, international laws and treaties that claimed to protect ‘the environment’ and wildlife, but that actually were a backdoor attack on American citizens’ Constitutional protections concerning the right to own and use private property. Policies of the United Nations, an organization that is not a government and that has a strong track record of corruption, were incorporated into the foundation of U.S. environmental law. 

The Environmental Movement was the recent beginning of Congress massively ignoring what is in the best interest of the productive majority of the American people. Congress created environmental and wildlife laws pandering to the wishes of a minority of ’Green’ citizens, mainly nonproductive urbanites with no knowledge of how the environment actually works, at the expense of America’s producers in agriculture, mining, manufacturing and other professions vital to our U.S. economy and culture.  In its ongoing windfall to the legal profession, Congress subsidized lawsuits by environmental groups against producers and property owners so that taxpayers were forced to pay for the legal assaults of a radical minority working to run farmers and ranchers off their land to restore ‘Wilderness’ across North America as demanded by United Nations would-be World Government. Congress began to weave foreign laws and policies into U.S. law as a means of circumventing Constitutional  restrictions on government powers.

Now we have the swarm of Illegal Aliens (NOT illegal IMMIGRANTS) breaking into these United States with the full assistance, cooperation and blessing of Congress, in direct violation of Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S.

Constitution that charges Congress with the responsibility to”. . . execute the Laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel Invasions . . .” and in direct violation of  State and U.S. laws and immigration policies.

Congress now openly and willingly violates the trust of the citizens who elected Congressional officials.  Congress welcomes and aids an invading army of Illegal Aliens who now feel strong enough and numerous enough to demand their U.S. Constitutional (?) and voting ‘rights’, to demand welfare and other public benefits, to demand amnesty and automatic dual U.S./foreign citizenship, and to march like a conquering army through our streets waving the flags of Mexico and other nations that think the Re-Conquest of America must be a done deal. Illegal Aliens (NOT Immigrants) now get free food stamps, free housing assistance, free education, and free medical care, and there is a push in Congress to reward the Illegal Aliens with lifetime Social Security retirement checks when they return home after working here ILLEGALLY a minimum of ten years.  Free Trade agreements with Third World nations open our Golden Door to additional invading millions of people and effectively erase our national borders as demanded by United Nations would-be World Government in defiance of and in opposition to what is in the best interest of the citizens of these United States.

Congress has abandoned its American citizens and voting constituents in favor of bestowing our national wealth upon people who are not citizens and not voters. The change from representing the folks back home to representing the rest of the world’s population at the expense of the folks back home is now close to completion.  These United States may well be the first nation in world history to collapse because the governing class gave away our national wealth to people who don’t even call our nation home.

One of the reasons for the Fall of Rome was cultural spoilage caused by mass immigration.  Foreigners were imported ‘to do the work that Romans will not do.’ Eventually there were enough foreigners that they were able to impose their own customs and culture upon the Roman Empire.   The customs and culture of Rome were severely eroded by the swarming foreigners, which helped to bring the Roman Empire to collapse and ruin.  Immigrants created their own subcultures and internal semi-nations within Rome, the way that Latino and other Legal Immigrants and Illegal Aliens do today. The foreigners owed no allegiance to Rome and felt no patriotic responsibility to serve the Roman Empire.  They were there only for the money and the handouts. If the imported foreign workers ever staged mass demonstrations, they probably marched through Rome’s streets while waving flags of their home countries.

Congress has deteriorated from creating Civil Rights legislation for U.S. citizens, to Immigrant Rights legislation welcoming and richly rewarding an invading army of foreigners who are not citizens and have no intention of ever becoming U.S. citizens.  Congress, the Supreme Court, the government bureaucracy and others, have gone from respecting and being guided by the U.S. Constitution, to assimilating and implementing unconstitutional laws imported from foreign nations and from the United Nations would-be Ruler of the World. 

Returning to the computer analogy, the Congressional operating system is broken, the programming is corrupted, and the data files are not reliable. 

The need for Congressional Reinstallation is urgent and obvious. 

I do not condone the corruption and the drift toward Socialism by Congressional officials, but I do understand why this happens. 

Washington DC is a corrosive atmosphere in which to work, and government is a daily corrupting influence.  I could not remain unaffected within that atmosphere.  Elected officials do not remain unaffected, either. Elected officials may be elected on their promise to reform the system, but even most officials with bedrock convictions and rock-solid morality are slowly worn down.  Its like trying to play football on a field of glue.  Vinegar Joe’s famous caution, “Illegitimi non-Carborundum” (“Don’t let the bastards grind you down“), cannot forever withstand the army of lobbyists and self/special interest groups that fester around seats of government. 

Like everyone else, some officials corrupt quickly and some slowly, but all eventually may compromise their moral compass or lose direction entirely. 

Preservation of political career and campaign contributions become more important to a politician than protection and preservation of America. 

Preservation of existence and operating budget become more important to government bureaucracies than protection and preservation of America. 

Patriotism, common sense and practicality always are in short supply. 

The need for Reinstallation is urgent and obvious. The solution is simple. 

It is largely a matter of who We-The-People elect to Congress and how often the spoilage is composted and replaced with fresh material. 

The first five years in office are likely to be the least corrupted. The first ten years begin to show signs of moral and Constitutional fraying around the edges.  The downhill slide begins in earnest at fifteen years and accelerates thereafter.  That means a Senator, serving a term of six years, is most likely to be fresh in outlook and responsive to what the folks back home want and need, for no more than two terms in office.  A Representative, serving a term of two years, will likely do a good job for five to six terms. Anyone who remains in office longer than that should be regarded as a growing liability and carefully considered for replacement at the next election. Voting records tell the story of continuing fitness to serve.

There are some good elected officials who ought to remain in office for many years. But most elected officials and bureaucrats, like diapers, need to be changed regularly.



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