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David Horowitz, Jaws of Defeat


James H. Reza, Texas: Asleep at the Wheel


Lisa Fabrizio, Mary Poppins gone mad


Frank Salvato, Pay No Attention To That "Inconvenient War"


Tom Flannery, Darwinism's bitter fruits


Bobby Eberle, States Take Immigration Reform into Own Hands


Tom Flannery, Seeing God in Science


William Jud, Help Wanted, U.S. Congress


Ted Baehr, Holy Ellen DeGeneres, Batman!


Bill Federer, Dan Brown and the Voltaire Code


Craig R. Smith, Revs arrive, truth dies


Phyllis Schlafly, Guest Writer with various articles, good read.

Jerry Falwell, Various Articles


Ron D. Martin, Everybody's Doing It: Abolish The Capital Gains Tax


Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, Pagan Da Vinci


Dr. [Pastor] Chuck Baldwin, Radio Talk Show Host, Hillary Clinton Is On The Wrong Side Of History


Ronald J. White, Back to the Future


Dave Schlemper, True Patriotism


Col. David Crockett, Not Yours To Give


Jamie Glazov, I Love America


Mr. Ryan De Vries & Department of Environmental Quality, Dam Removal


Kim Weissman, Future of the Republic


Ed Feulner, The Hidden Tax


Chad Groening and Jenni Parker, Author: U.S. Liberals Defending Islam Are Supporting Terrorists' Agenda


Matthias Dapfner,Chief Executive of Axel Springer AG, EUROPE - THY NAME IS COWARDICE


Unknown, Why?


Congressman Ron Paul, National ID


Michael Coffman, Ph.D., Unconstitutional origins of the Endangered Species Act


William Jud, Socialists in Congress


Albert Burns, The Delphi Technique, Let's Stop Being Manipulated


Michael A. Peroutka, Dear Friends of the Constitutional Republic




Henry Lamb


Tom DeWeese


Chuck Muth


Fred Gielow


Dr. Scott McGill


Nedd Kareiva


Larry Pratt


William Lind


Jill Stanek



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