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Far Right, Or, Right On!!

Just Who IS Closest to Our Founding Principals?

For years I have been flummoxed when confronted by some angry voice demanding that I defend (or change) my Far-Right beliefs; I was never very successful in that regard.

However, thanks to my friend, Joe Larson, I now understand why such a defense was so difficult for me - Because few, if any, of us is really, "Far to the Right"!!

How did Joseph resolve this issue for me?

He drew me a picture... TWO pictures actually; the first, shows 'what we have been told', and the second shows 'the way it really is'.

Clearly (we are told), Moderates are the group which occupies the place closest to our Founding Fathers principles and beliefs; the rest of us have moved far 'off center' in one direction or the other.

Looking at the triangle above, we (ignorantly) agree with the hypothesis the Moderates bring to the table, and then, we confuse ourselves attempting to justify 'their' depiction of 'our' beliefs.

Well, let's see. . .

It is as my Ol' Grandpa once said, "It's so simple, it plumb evaded you".

The Far-Left is not 'progressing toward communism', they ARE full-blown communists; it is the Socialistic Moderates, who are moving toward communism.

I do not espouse that we return to the Articles of Confederation, nor do you hear me demand that we reinstate a government based upon the Divine Right of Kings. As I have gone nowhere, and demand nothing more than a restoring of America to our Founding Principles, then, I must be simply - RIGHT! Right?

We, the Right, are most closely aligned with our Constitution. We ARE the Center.

Never defend Far-Right again. Blow it out of the water!!



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