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This information was adapted from "An Overview of Our World" by John F.McManus

Economic Systems

Capital – Means of Production (Tools, Machines, Working People)






Capital is owned privately or by the government.

Capital is owned privately (by the citizens).



Prices are high, like Poland in the '80s. Shortages (long lines exist for basic necessities). Certain individuals, or the government, control all capital for a type of business or service and therefore set prices and the level of production output.

Prices are low. Different businesses compete and therefore lower prices. There is an abundance of goods (ex., how many brands of detergent or cars are available in the U.S.A for purchase?).



Quality is low. With no competition, there is no initiative for improvement.

Quality is high. People buy the best products, which, logically, drives process improvement among competing producers.



No private property.

Private property for all.



Communism, socialism, nazism, and fascism are all forms of monopolistic economic systems.

Who chooses to live in a monopolistic society? Those who are too lazy to work against competition and too lazy to get competition underway. 

Monopolistic state-controlled systems are the work of criminals who seize control of governments and set themselves up as monopoly producers for their own profit and power. 

Four elements are required in order for you to have true private property:

·        Total ownership (holding title)

·        Total control

·        Total use

·        The ability to dispose of it

"The theory of the communists may be summed up in a single sentence: abolition of private property."

Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto, 1848


Types of Monopolistic Governments 




(Stands for national socialism!)






Government-controlled capital

Government-controlled capital

Government-controlled capital

Government-controlled capital





All capital owned by govt.

Major capital owned by govt.

Some capital owned by govt.

No capital owned by govt.





Communism is socialism in a hurry. Ex., The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Establish socialism with a lightening-quick coupe by creating and maintaining a police state.

Ex., government-owned communications, transportation, utilities, export industry, banking industry, etc. (ex., England).  Those in favor of a socialist government want to get the citizens to vote themselves into socialism (no force).

Ex., the Nazis owned Volkswagen but not other similar businesses; however, they controlled all of the businesses.

Ex., Mussolini said to the business owner, "I don't want to own your business. I just want to tell you what to produce, how much to produce, who to hire, who to fire, where to buy your raw materials, and what price to charge. The rest is up to you." People still think that they own their businesses. They sweep the leaves in the Fall, paint the building in the Summer, worry about employee relations, but the government controls them to its advantage.


Fascism in the United States of America?

From where? From all of our federal agencies. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the department of this and the bureau of that – so many regulatory agencies. The American Free Enterprise system is destroyed by these regulations. Are these regulations necessary? No. The U.S. Constitution makes no provisions for the federal government to be involved in these areas. Should states be involved? Yes. If a state exceeded what it was doing, then it would be shown and shown very quickly because the next state wouldn't exceed in its actions and people would move. Competition among the states is a beneficial thing, and it's one of the beauties of the federal system that the Founding Fathers gave us. But when Washington D.C. does these kinds of things, to what do you contrast it? You don't have anything else. What we see is government growing and growing and growing and growing. If it continues to grow it will be all-powerful.


Story: Joe, The College Student

Bob was a college student who was taking a course taught by an avowed socialist. He didn't know much about socialism - it never really crossed his mind. Bob was a football player, it was football season, and Bob didn't have as much time as he'd like to spend on his studies, so his classes suffered in the Fall. 

One day the professor gave a writing assignment to everyone in the class. Everyone was to write a paper with the same title, "From Each, According to His Ability, To Each, According to His Need" (the classic statement of the socialist). Everyone began working on the assignment. 

There was another student in the class, Joe, who was a strong socialist. Joe was very delighted about the assignment, and he was anxious to begin. Joe went home and worked vigorously on his paper. He read several books and articles, interviewed some socialist authors and experts, included many footnotes and a great bibliography, and followed the college's research paper style standards perfectly. 

When Joe received his paper, he was astonished to see a "C+" grade. Joe immediately stormed up to the professor and demanded an explanation for a grade that was far below Joe's expectation. The professor replied, "Joe, you should be very proud of your paper. It was exceptional. Bob, who sits in the back by the door, when he's here, didn't do so well. So I gave Bob some of your credits to give you both a C+.  You know, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need."


Types of Government











Rule by One

Rule by Elite

Rule by Majority

Rule by Law

Rule by None






Monarchies do not exist. Others are required to assist the person in charge; therefore, they share power.


Russia 1917

Hitler during WWII

Nicaragua 1979

Iran 1979


The Greek city states before Christ (B.C.).

A transitional form of government from one to another.


U.S.A. for about 150 years after the birth of the Constitution

Only exists for a short period of time, existing between democracy and republic or oligarchy. Standing governments are either a republic or an oligarchy.



Contrary to popular belief, the United States of America is not a democracy. Recall the Pledge of Allegiance, "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands…." 

"Democracy" – from the Greek "dEmokratia" - dEmos (the people) + -kratia (to rule) –cracy. 

When more people want something than don't, the majority rules, a.k.a., "rule by majority." 

Suppose the majority wants to take away your home, business, or your children. Obviously, there's a problem! The flaw in democracy is that if you allow majority rule, then everybody's rights are up-for-grabs. All you have to do is get more than ½ of the people to want something, on any given day, and you no longer have any rights. It's sometimes called "the tyranny of a majority." 

The fundamental difference between a democracy and a republic is that if someone or a group of people came up to you and said that they were going to take away your home or business or children, you'd probably stand up and say, "No, you can't do that! I have my rights protected by the Constitution of the United States of America." And if you said that, you'd be describing a republic.



"Republic" – from the Latin "respublica" - from "res" (thing) + publica (the public). The public thing. The law. 

A true republic is one that starts out by recognizing that individuals have rights, and so the limitation in the law is not upon the people but upon the government and the mob and the majority. 



Communism is socialism in a hurry. Ex., The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Communist dictators establish socialism with a lightening-quick coupe by creating and maintaining a police state. 

What did Karl Marx say were the steps to bring a nation under communist rule? "…the first step in the revolution of the working class… is to win the battle of democracy." Karl Marx, 1848, The Communist Manifesto

This means, get to the point where democracy is prevailing and then get the people to follow your point of view. You have then won the battle of democracy. Karl Marx also said, "The theory of the communists may be summed up in a single sentence – 'abolition of private property.'" Karl Marx, 1848, The Communist Manifesto



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