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Saturday, 14 January 2006
Let's see if I got this right.  Access to the name of Jesus in the Indiana state legislature - bad;  access to public parks and playgrounds by rapists - good.  

Perhaps this is one example why the ACLU has been aptly described as the American Criminal Liberties Union by many people.  And it would seem to be fitting.  The ACLU defends a criminal enterprise known as NAMBLA, an organization that preys on children.

The issue here is not whether the pervert's First Amendment rights were violated.  The issue is whether all public areas are available without restriction to everyone at all times. Public parks and facilities do close at certain times of the night because in certain areas, espeically high crime communities, it can be dangerous to be there.

In the same way, it is reasonable to restrict public access from people who have committed crimes against children, or for that matter, against anyone who has committed a crime.  But not so to the ACLU of Indiana. 

If you're not familiar with NAMBLA, you should read this piece from National Review Online.  The case is still in the courts today.  The ACLU calls what NAMBLA has on its web site (which I'm not going to give out because it's just too gruesome to do so), "robust free speech".

Free speech is not free speech if it tells people to break the law.  And who knows, at any given moment, there could be a NAMBLA supporter at a public park anywhere in America. 

Former President Bill Clinton used to preface his support for many of his policies by using the then popular phrase "do it for the children".   And that is just what we are doing. 

Given the ACLU's passionate support for pornography (Larry Flynt is on the board of directors for the Southern California ACLU), abortion without restriction, homosexual activists teaching our kids that same sex intercourse is good, and pedophiles and sexual perverts, we here at the Stop the ACLU Coalition believe that if we can turn the public from thinking the ACLU is all about civil liberties into one whose legal actions prey on our children, we can defeat this Goliath of an organization and in the process, pry some of their not-so-hard core supporters away.

If you don't have the book ACLU vs. America, I suggest you order it and pay particular attention to the chapter containing the ACLU's hostility toward children.

By the way, if you think that the prayers offered in the Indiana legislature were all one sided towards Jesus, you should read this statement from House Speaker Brian Bosma.   

Children's issues are the vulnerable underbelly of the ACLU and we intend to exploit it and cut this cancer out of our country and bring down this Communist organization. 

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