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A Nation at War

     We are a nation at war. America is not only in a ‘War on Terror’, but in the throes of a vastly more dangerous war: a cultural war, a clash of worldviews. It is a very real war which until recently has virtually unknown to most Americans. The stakes are incredibly high.

This war is over control of America.

       It is about which worldview will become the dominant worldview. The dominant worldview will control the culture, the political ideology and religion – which in turn will determine the course of government - thereby controlling America’s future. There are three main worldviews competing for world dominance: Christianity, Islam and cultural Marxism/secular humanism. Christianity is the only worldview currently in a state of decline. Everyone has heard of the ‘War on Terror’ but few know that it is only a part of the major ‘War of the Worldviews’.

         Norman Thomas, Socialist and member of the Civil Liberties Union, boldly told the world, The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until one day America will be a Socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.

        The feminists, lesbian author, Patricia Warren, boldly told today’s gay and lesbian community – “It is the First fact of civilization that whoever captures the kids - owns the future”.   Who is educating, who is controlling America’s children?

       Dr. James Dobson of ‘Focus on the Family’ has repeatedly stated that we are engaged in“a Civil War of values” in our culture, and the prize is our children.

       He wrote - “Children are the prize to the winners of the second great civil war. Those who control what young people are taught and what they experience – what they see, hear, think, and believe – will determine the future course for the nation. Given that influence, the predominant value system of an entire culture can be overhauled in one generation, or certainly in two, by those with unlimited access to children.”


      “Morality is defined as the condition of conforming with the right principles. It pits right against wrong. To ‘legislate’ means to make law. Law imposes rules of conduct and enforces them with authority. What law has ever been enacted by any government in the history of man that has not named something wrong and its opposite right? Every law establishes and legislates morality.

      What today’s critics are saying is, ‘We don’t want God to have anything to do with today’s morality. We want to determine what is right and wrong without God’ – America has become the battleground between the world’s two oldest religions.  The first religion to appear in the history of mankind worships God, the second worships man. In America, the first is expressed primarily by Christianity. The second is Humanism. It is not a question whether morality can or should be legislated. It is a question of which religious guidelines will undergird the legislation; religious guidelines that deify God, or religious guidelines that deify man.”

 Supreme Court of Pennsylvania – 1815 Commonwealth vs. Sharpless & Others) 

  Jesus had a simple warning for all who believe in Him.

Matthew 24:4 “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

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